About Us

We are a manpower agency founded November 2007 currently seated at Na Jarově 2425/4 in Prague 3. Our main goal is to provide work opportunities for all job applicants available in the market. We also provide our services to employers who are looking for extra manpower to fill in free positions in many fields of expertise for long or short periods of time. The main benefits of our system are speed and efficiency. Moreover, everything goes smoothly without unnecessary process delays like setting up of tenders for new employees.

Everyone seeking a job will be added to our database that helps us sort the job offers that will suit their specialisation and preferences.

All our methods and procedures are in accordance with current Labour Code. In addition, we are operating with licence for providing jobs issued by the  Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of Czech Republic.

Jobhint is a trademark owned by ŽUTOR Inc. which offers jobs providing services in accordance to the licence issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of Czech Republic.


Jobhint offers empolyment for short or long period of time through job offers added by various companies that are at the moment under-staffed. That is the main reason why everything is processed quickly because after registration, you will be added to our database of people looking for jobs and you will receive emails with job offers that will suit your skill set the most.


Jobhint presents a new model of Human resources agency that chooses the best matching of employees to employers’ requirements. This way guarantees fast selection for missing manpower without the need to interview every applicant during the selection process.